Be K Be Quantum

A new patented molecule that can defeat the most extreme heat and the toughest cold.


K-Quantum was born from the research of our laboratories our inorganic system capable of challenging the most extreme climates of our planet is today a useful product in isolating technical equipment, pipelines for transporting hydrocarbons and liquids of different temperatures.

How to use

k-Quantum is used inside ships, planes and trains, as well as residential and commercial environments, insulating our properties and eliminating annoying thermal bridges create condensation moulds and germs in addition to heat loss with extreme effectiveness.

Other Apps

k-Quantum is used in any setting where an A1 fire resistance class is required.

-Refrigerated containers
-Cold stores
-Electronic and mirco-electronic components
-Fire doors
-Metal structures of all kinds
-Material storage cells
-Inverter cabins
-Cabins energy transformation

Other Apps of k-Quantum

A new patented molecule that can defeat the most extreme heat and the toughest cold.

And more applications that only our imagination can create



Chemical & Petrochemical Plants Building Construction


Food & Beverage

The construction


The construction industry is seeing a massive boom in technological advancements. While the field has historically been reluctant to adopt new technologies, the pandemic has fast-tracked a shift toward digital reliance. When COVID-19 hit, construction technology became a necessary route for keeping construction sites open and projects moving forward, prompting a growing acceptance that technology is the way forward.


How To Save Energy With Insulation

Insulation offers a host of benefits, protecting us from heat loss, cutting fuel bills and allowing us to make a better contribution to the environment. Many people have been able to reduce their fuel bills substantially by adding insulation to their walls, roofs, ceilings and floors. The cost of insulation solutions can be greatly eclipsed by the money saved in the long run. In fact, improved insulation can help us retain as much as 80% of the heating and cooling that would otherwise be lost without it, keeping your home or business premises cooler during the summer months and warmer in winter. The benefits don’t end there – insulation can also reduce condensation, damp and mould, in turn providing valuable health support. If you’ve been looking for affordable, safe and eco-friendly ways to insulate your home, read on.